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Cannon Balls


Jump on this modern, stylish fireball trend that is ultra-contemporary for a luxurious and dramatic statement. Eco-friendly & fireproof, ceramic fireballs are safe for your home or business and made of refractory material, rated to withstand scorching temperatures. Be Creative by mixing different sizes and colors. Great alone or combined with other decorative materials like lava rock, fire glass, and sand. They are durable, low-maintenance, and won’t fade, aging gracefully over time. 

Check out our Cannon Ball options below!

Golden Steel Plate

FIREball Designs

The modern upgrade that your home needs. The ceramic fireballs sit upon a burner pan and decorative sand, fireglass, or lava rocks. From there, you can stack the fireplace balls until you achieve the desired look. The flame pops through the voids in the balls, creating a modern alternative to fireplace logs.

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Golden Steel Plate

Burner Style


Chassis Burner


Pan Burner


On Rocks
Golden Steel Plate

FIREball Colors& Sizes

For FireShapes, FireBalls and FireStones
 Rasmussen formulate our own proprietary, environmentally-friendly ceramic stain colorations, which differ from paint in the following qualities:

  1. Ceramic Stain produces a transparent, non-uniform appearance as it absorbs into the material’s pores, rather than merely covering the surface of the shape like paint does.

  2.  Unlike paint, Ceramic Stains will not burn away under fire.  Ceramic Stain will age gracefully.

  3.  Color appearance may vary from piece to piece, enhancing the uniqueness of our products.
    PLEASE NOTE: Soot from the flame of vented burners is less noticeable against darker colors, such as Black, Dark Gray, and Brown.

Color choices for FireBalls and FireShapes (White is not offered):


Ceramic Stain Colors & Sizes

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Fireball Sizes


Adequate ventilation is absolutely necessary when burning fireballs. Without proper ventilation carbon monoxide & smoke can be released in the home. Repositioning the fireballs after installation is not necessary, but if desired use heat-resistant gloves or let the logs cool off before touching them. Glass doors must always be open while the fireballs are burning. Over time black soot may appear on the outside of the fireballs. On new installs, the fireballs must be burned on a low flame for at least 4 hours to break them in. 

Visit our Showroom to view our fireball options above. 

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