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WB Fireplace
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Wood burning fireplaces are fireboxes that get framed into a wall (with the appropriate non-combustible material surroundings). They differ from open masonry fireplaces in the fact that they don't require a chimney and instead use venting like wood stoves and fireplace inserts.

What Brand Fits Your Home Comfort Needs?


Our Warranty fireplaces come in a variety of sizes, and features, that will match and fit into almost all types of styles and themes.

Astria Fireplaces has manufacturing facilities in Santa Ana, California, Russellville, Alabama, Auburn, Washington and proudly serves the United States and Canada.


"In 1927, Charles Lindbergh flew the Atlantic and Heatilator introduced the first factory-built air-circulating fireplace. The brand name quickly became a household word-the "first name in fireplaces." Even today, many consumers refer to any heat-circulating fireplace as a Heatilator. But once they've owned a genuine Heatilator, they'll know the difference. First-time homebuyers, homebuilders, and custom home experts agree."

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Specials are available when our team performs the installation. 

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